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     2X and 3X are terms you will hear a lot here at pick6 fantasy football. This makes up our most basic form of strategy in DFS sports. It’s not enough to think a player will do well. You have to take their price into consideration. Each player is assigned a dollar value as well. 2X is when a player scores 2 points for each $1000 that they cost.

     3X is when a player scores 3 points for every thousand dollars that they cost. We will use Fanduel as our example platform. On Fanduel you have a salary cap of $60,000. If every player on your team went “2X” then you would end up with 120 total points. This is approximately the number of points you will need to be “in the money” in a Cash Game. If every player on your team was to go 3X you would have a total of 180 points.

     This is approximately the number of points you will need to win a GPP tournament and bring home the big $$$. The more X a player goes the higher his value.

     We’re going to use a Fanduel Result to figure out the best and worst players in this lineup

     In the image below I have broken down for you every players X Value. Keep in mind the value shown is exact, but when trying to predict a players X value you are going for a more milestone approach. Will a player go more than 2X? Is it realistic to expect a $9000 player to get 27 points to hit 3X?

     The top player Kirk Cousins has arrows showing where the number is coming from and as you do this more often you will be able to do this quickly in your head. Kirk cousins was $6100. We take his salary divided by 1000 and get 6.1. Then you take his point total and divide that by his 6.1 to get 3.56. This means for every $1000 you spent on kirk cousins he gave you 3.56 points. If you get the same X Value for the rest of your lineup your total score would be 213.6.

     That’s enough to bring home a 6 figure prize in most weeks. You will see that no other player in this lineup hit the 3X milestone. The defense the kicker and Karlos Williams all hit the 2X mark. They would have been good plays in a 50/50 contest. Everyone else here is pretty much a bust. It is worth noting that the Denver Broncos Defense and Allen Robinson both got this lineup 10 points but the Broncos Defense has a higher X Value and therefore was a much better play.

     We’ll do one more winning lineup example after this one. Scroll down to see it.


 This is how it’s done folks. This is how you bring home the big prize. This lineups overall team score is 4.2! That is nuts. You notice he took first place out of 229,885 people and won himself $1,000,000. I think it is interesting to note that the most expensive player in this roster is $7,900. No super expensive players. Best value out of a player was by far Devonta Freeman. Easily the best player in this lineup. 6X is almost never achieved by a player. Hopkins had a solid day but was  the only underachiever with 2.57X. Still a pretty good day and overall if you hit on other players you can recover from one or two misses. You will notice that even the defense and kicker ended up over the 3x milestone. This lineup is exactly what you are aiming for. Is it realistic for each player I am putting in my lineup to meet or exceed 3pts/$1000? That is the question you need to ask each time you select a player.


     We go over our 2X and 3X players every week in our PICK6 Episode. Listen now to find out who we think is going to perform this week!

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