In this article series, we are going to review what each team did in the draft. We’re going to look at what their needs were going into the draft. We’re going to list each pick and whether they filled their needs or not. We’re not going to get into each prospects strengths and weaknesses in this article, but we will be diving into that very soon.

AFC East

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills lost a big name at corner with Stephon Gilmore leaving town. They need to fill that hole and the hole at safety. They need a right tackle and they need to add some weapons at wide receiver so Tyrod Taylor has someone to throw to. They also need some late depth at running back behind McCoy.


Draft Picks:

1 – 27th Overall – Tre-Davious White – LSU – Corner Back

2 – 37th Overall – Zay Jones – ECU – Wide Receiver

3 – 63d Overall – Dion Dawkins – Temple – Guard

4 – 163d Overall – Matt Milano – Boston College – Line Backer

5 – 171st Overall – Nathan Peterman – Pittsburgh – Quarter Back

6 – 195th Overall – Tanner Vallejo – Boise State – Line Backer

Analysis: The Bills did add a corner and a weapon at wide receiver. They also added a couple line backers. They traded heavily in this draft for stock in next years, so they obviously believe in the talent to come next year. They mortgaged this years potential a bit, so look at them to remain where they were last season again next season.

New York Jets

The Jets have a solid chance to be the worst team in football this year, and to be honest we don’t think a rockstar draft would even save them from that fate. They are rebuilding big time. They need almost an entire offense and defense so anything will help. It’s basically get as many picks as possible and go best available as far as were concerned.

Draft Picks:

1 – 6th Overall – Jamal Adams – LSU – Safety

2 – 39th Overall – Marcus Made – Florida – Safety

3 – 79th Overall – ArDarius Stewart – Alabama – Wide Receiver

4 – 141st Overall – Chad Hansen – Cal – Wide Receiver

5 – 150th Overall – Jordan Leggett – Clemson – Tight End

6 – 181st Overall – Dylan Donahue – West Georgia – Defensive Line

7 – 188th Overall – Elijah McGuire – Louisiana-Lafayette – Running Back

8 – 197th Overall – Jeremy Clark – Michigan – Defensive Back

9 – 204th Overall – Derrick Jones – Ole Miss – Defensive Back

Analysis: As previously said, it doesn’t really matter how well this draft went for the Jets, they aren’t going to contend for the division this year. That being said this went pretty well. They didn’t draft a quarterback so it’s free agency or old man McCown this year. Their wide receiver core is pretty lack luster even with the addition of Stewart. Their missing a running back 1. Their defense is definitely better after the draft, but they still need a lot of work to contend with the Patriots.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins added Lawrence Timmons in free agency, but still need help at line backer. They also need secondary help and an edge rusher. Last year when the offensive line was healthy Jay Ajayi was very effective so the Dolphins should definitely add depth at the line to try to make that happen more often next year.

Draft Picks:

1 – 22nd Overall – Charles Harris – Missouri – Defensive End

2 – 54th Overall – Raekwon McMillan – Ohio State – Line Backer

3 – 97th Overall – Cordrea Tankersley – Clemson – Corner Back

4 – 164th Overall – Isaac Asiata – Utah – Offensive Guard

5 – 178th Overall – Davon Dochaux – LSU – Defensive Tackle

6 – 184th Overall – Nate Gerry – Nebraska – Safety

7 – 194th Overall – Vincent Taylor – Oklahoma State – Defensive Tackle

8 – 237th Overall – Isaiah Ford – Virginia Tech – Wide Receiver

Analysis: The Dolphins had a successful draft in a division with a power house and 2 weak teams. They got their edge rusher and their secondary help and they got their offensive lineman. They added a few pieces on defense as well as a line backer and a wide receiver as well. Overall pretty good draft for team trending upwards.

New England Patriots

The Perennial Patriots. Always getting rid of their draft picks and always in the super bowl. You would think more teams would go after the proven talent like the Patriots do. The Patriots give away picks at every opportunity for proven talent. The Patriots definitely don’t need a running back that’s for sure. With the addition of Brandin Cooks they don’t need any wide receivers either. Offensively they need lineman and maybe a solid backup tight end. Defensively they need playmakers at line backer and an edge rusher.

Draft Picks

1 – 83d Overall – Derek Rivers – Youngstown State – Defensive End

2 – 85th Overall – Antonio Garcia – Troy – Offensive Tackle

3 – 131st Overall – Deatrich Wise Jr. – Arkansas – Defensive End

4 – 211th Overall – Conor McDermott – UCLA – Offensive Tackle

Analysis: The Patriots only had 4 picks and it’s hard to really make a difference in the draft with only 4 picks. 2 edge rushers and 2 offensive lineman. The Patriots did target the positions they needed. Overall, the Pats will do their normal thing and continue to be difficult to challenge until Father Time finally catches up with Brady.

Here’s what the AFC East did in the draft. Be sure to read our other Draft Breakdown articles for the other 7 Divisions