Great News!

Right now you can get the Pick6 Fantasy Football Draft Kit completely free! All we need you to do is subscribe to our email list. Verify your email address and that’s it. You can take our draft kit and use it to win your league. You can check out some samples below.

One is a very simple list of the order to draft players separated into tiers. This is the sample on the left of the top 10 players

On the right is our in-depth player guide. The same player names and tiers are in this list as well, but we give you a lot of information on each player. We designed this to give you the in-depth information you need to compare players on draft day in real time. Information like injury risk, upside, last years ranking in both a regular and points per game basis.

Be sure to tune in to our upcoming episodes about using our draft kit and the features built into it. After we release the episodes we will link them in this post below. As always we thank you for your love and support!